[ { "title": "150th Anniversary Offer", "description": "Join us for our landmark birthday with this gift for every year - up to CHF 150 in credit for you to spend in any B\u00fcrgenstock Resort restaurant, lounge or bar", "url": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/en\/offers\/150th-anniversary-offer", "image": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/uploads\/media\/424x450\/01\/2361-foto_066.jpg?v=1-1", "price": "From CHF 550", "startDate": "2023-05-02", "endDate": "2023-12-31", "packageCategory": "Rooms & Suites ", "packageSaison": "150th Anniversary Offer" }, { "title": "Chef's Table", "description": "A delicious stay for foodies with a 'Chef's Table' that includes a two-hour culinary experience with a top Asian Chef and a sensational spring dinner.", "url": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/en\/offers\/chef-s-table", "image": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/uploads\/media\/424x450\/04\/2384-Chefs%20table.jpg?v=1-0", "price": "From CHF 1,200", "startDate": "2023-01-18", "endDate": "2030-12-31", "packageCategory": "Rooms & Suites ", "packageSaison": "Chef's Table" }, { "title": "Spa Time for Two", "description": "Escape the daily routine with your loved one and enjoy some much needed romance in one of our cosy Private Spa Suites.", "url": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/en\/offers\/spa-time-for-two", "image": "https:\/\/burgenstockresort.com\/uploads\/media\/424x450\/05\/2385-SPA%20time%20for%202.jpg?v=1-0", "price": "From CHF 1,055", "startDate": "2023-01-18", "endDate": "2030-12-31", "packageCategory": "Spa", "packageSaison": "Spa Time for Two" } ]